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Is a Ring Joint Gasket the Same as a Spiral-Wound Gasket?

No, ring joint gaskets and spiral-wound gaskets are not the same. Ring joint gaskets are made of one material, whereas spiral wound gaskets are made of an inner and outer ring and a sealing element. The middle filler material of a spiral wound gaskets achieves the majority of the sealing will the inner and outer ring protects the filler material from stresses and corrosion. The filler material of a Spiral Wound Gasket is usually non metallic, paired with a metallic inner and outer ring. This makes the Spiral Wound Gasket a semi-metallic gasket. The Ring Joint Gasket is metallic. Ring joint gaskets can have an octagonal or rectangular cross-section and sit in a groove on the flange face. Whereas, spiral wound gaskets are a flat ring that sits between the flat flange faces. While both gaskets are used for high-temperature and pressure applications, the ring joint gasket is used for higher temperatures and pressures.
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